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February 15, 2023

Choosing your wedding photographer

How to choose your wedding photographer: A guide

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life…and it’s also one of the quickest. Photos are a way to immortalize your experience and give you memories for a lifetime! After all – there is so much going on it’s easy to miss the small moments & take it all in.

Your wedding day gives you thousands of small,  priceless memories you can cherish forever. That’s why learning how to choose your wedding photographer is essential to having a perfect wedding day experience. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding photographer. We’ll cover everything you need to know about finding and securing your vendor below! 

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer 

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions for your perfect big day. Read on for my complete list of wedding photographer tips and learn more about how you could save throughout the process. 

Stay saving savvy & make a vendor budget 

Wedding photography can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth the cost. You won’t want to DIY this part of your wedding or go with a less-than-ideal vendor option. This is the only part of your wedding (beyond your marriage) that will last for a lifetime. It’s well worth the investment! 

As you shop, it’s always good to put together a budget. This will help to reduce stress and give you more clarity around what you can afford and help to inform your vendors about what you’re looking for and at what cost. 

For this reason, making a budget should be one of the first things you do. Don’t feel stressed out or “locked in” to anything, though – you can always go back and change it later if you need to. 

Location, location, location – know where you’re getting married 

Location is everything when it comes to a wedding. Your location ultimately decides what kind of food you serve, what outfits people will wear, and what kind of photographer you choose.

For example: Different wedding venues have different lighting. Your photographer will need to know where you plan to shoot to prep ahead of time and envision the best possible wedding photography shot list. 

To make sure you walk away with the best possible experience, I recommend that you ask your photographer for previous examples of work to see how they shoot in different lighting and settings. You should also dig deep through their socials to determine if their style matches what you had in mind. 

Taking the time to do research and pick your venue early on can help to save you time & cost down the road. 

Ask for examples of prior work & communicate your expectations 

When you’re on the hunt for your wedding photography vendor, consider asking for a formal portfolio of their prior sessions. They may also have this posted publicly on their site or socials. 

If you don’t see shots that perfectly align with your goals, don’t be afraid to show your photographer reference images or Pinterest pins to show them what you’re looking for. They’ll be able to let you know what’s possible with your current setup and budget and help you to effectively move forward with the process or sign on with another vendor. 

Consider non-photography elements before you buy 

Personality is everything when it comes to wedding photography. Your expert’s persona and aesthetic will inevitably shine through in the artistry and composition of the photos, and will dictate what kind of an experience you’ll have. No matter what style you’re going for, you’ll want someone who’s your biggest fan, a ball of energy, and a charismatic presence on your big day.

Their level of fun and interaction will break down barriers that stand between you and your perfect photograph, and help to set the mood for your entire wedding day experience. 

If you can, definitely take the time to meet and greet the photographer in-person, before the wedding. If you can’t do that, chat with them and work with them to build your special day. 

Try to define your style of choice

When deciding on a photographer, you probably already have a look in mind for what you want on your wedding day. You may not – or you may be completely undecided by three different ones!

Nailing down what your style ought to look like will be very helpful to your photographer, and help to set the expectations you want to see in your photos. 

Generally, the style of your wedding and theme will shine through in your photos, but don’t feel confined. If you have a specific vision or fusion that you want to see, simply talk to your photographer – they’ll likely be able to make it happen. 

Book your destination wedding photography today 

Hey! It’s Lydia! I specialize in capturing the “perfectly imperfect,” candid, and unposed images you see on your Pinterest feed. If you’re a wild-hearted, adventurous soul, I would love to have the privilege to snap your special day. If you’re looking for affordable wedding photography near you, let’s book in for a time to chat–I would love to connect with you and see how we can make your special day reality through the lens! 

"Absolutely in love with our pictures!!!"

"I love my photos so much!

It's amazing! Even though there was hardly any snow for my winter wedding, Lydia still managed to capture some gorgeous off season shots of our big day! I'm absolutely in love with our pictures and we've received so many compliments from family and friends. When I was planning, one of the most common pieces of wedding advice I got from friends was "make sure you get a good photographer" and I'm so glad I listened!!"

-The Ingersol's

"It's worth it alone for the memories"

Lydia was truly amazing! We have never had our photos taken professionally, and she coached us through the whole thing. We have now received our photo gallery back and just breath taking! In tears looking at how beautiful they are! Would definitely recommend using her to capture any occasion! It’s worth it alone for the memories we have from our experience!

- Nicole & Jesse

"The BEST hands down"

Lydia is the BEST. Hands down. From doing pictures for our first pregnancy, to our engagement pictures, to our wedding; Lydia was along for the ride, and captured our love story and family perfectly. We love you so much! Thank you endlessly for everything!!!

- Brooke

"I knew I loved her"

After a very hectic wedding planning process, My husband and I never actually met Lydia in person before she shot our wedding. The minute she showed up I felt like I already knew her, and she made us all feel so at ease. Our wedding pictures are absolutely stunning, I still tear up when I look at them because Lydia really did such an amazing job capturing the whole day and all it’s special moments. I would 10/10 recommend Lydia to literally anybody for any occasion!

- Jamie

"She captured them perfectly"

Lydia captured the best moments during our shoot, we really wanted natural expressions and she captured them perfectly with our 3 boys. We love seeing their personalities shine in our photos!

- Kailey

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