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March 17, 2023

Top Five (Unmissable!) & Unique Wedding Ideas for 2023 

Are you looking for the best way to stand out with Pinterest-worthy unique wedding ideas for 2023? Maybe traditional isn’t for you – or maybe you’re looking for a way to include some fun, whimsical pops of personality on your big day! And let’s be honest–No matter what style or change you’re going for, I’m sure that you’re going to have the most beautiful day ever. 

In today’s post, I’m digging into some of the top unique wedding ideas in 2023. These fun and fresh takes on traditional wedding ideas are sure to help you make your big day an (even more!) memorable occasion. 

Get ready to take an inside look at the top unique wedding ideas for 2023!

Wedding Fashion Updates In 2023

The 2023 brides are stepping out of tradition and bringing back a fresh, new look. Everything from a puff-sleeved unique wedding gown to a wedding suit laced with pearls is IN, as more couples opt for a non-traditional wedding experience. 

Brides are no longer expected to wear a long veil with a train. Instead, we’re seeing  headpieces with color, jeweled elements, and intricate decor, as well as flower crowns, set the trend for 2023. 

While next year may look a little different compared to past wedding ceremonies, we’re seeing the potential for an “anything goes” mentality when it comes to your gorgeous wedding gown… and that just means more room to be creative and meaningful with your attire choices. 

Elopements vs. Weddings 

Looking to save on wedding costs or make the moment even more special with your favorite group of people? Make your wedding day an intimate affair to remember! 

Many modern-day brides are trading in the formal traditional celebration for a more relaxed experience with their closest friends and loved ones. It’s affordable, meaningful, and easier to plan – and it allows you to build, host, and enjoy the dream destination wedding of your dreams!

Don’t worry about old elopement stigmas and assumptions as you plan your big day. Modern-day elopement has taken on a whole new meaning.  

To elope today allows you to uniquely style your wedding day how you want it to be. You invite who you want, do what you want, and make it a day for your love to shine. It aligns perfectly with the unique wedding ideas for 2023 themes of individuality, personalization, and modernity. 

Individuality in Weddings

Speaking of individuality… It’s the top theme tying together these unique wedding ideas in 2023. Couples are now incorporating unique themes that will sprinkle the couple’s love story with each of your own throughout the wedding experience, giving a more personalized touch to every bit of your wedding day. From theme, to cocktails, to dresses, and more, this 2023 wedding trend is all about having fun and incorporating the things that make you uniquely you!

Wedding Technology in 2023

The twenty-first century has welcomed technology into just about everything – including weddings. Technology and conference tech is being used as an earth-friendly alternative for guests to virtually and safely attend, it’s also being used as a type of token of remembrance for the couple to reference later on. From virtual wedding albums to e-guestbooks, wedding websites, and more, tech is popping up in surprising new ways in the 2023 wedding landscape.  

And yep – we said e-guestbooks! Wedding couples opt to use video technology to capture greetings and personal messages from guests directly. Unique props, such as staged telephone booths, are used to capture these special moments.

2023 Wedding Color Trends 

Looking for unique wedding ideas for 2023? Don’t overlook changing up your color scheme!  By far, the most popular choice for 2023 is the beautiful Pantone’s Very Peri shades of blues and violets. It perfectly aligns with the idea of individuality and natural beauty. 

Brides expected to wed in the spring of next year are leaning towards the stability and tranquility these unique color blends bring. Soft and subtle, yet bold and beautiful. 

For couples wanting a more bright and bold color theme, Fuchsia Fedora offers what you need for those summer-themed weddings.  The blend of pink, yellow, and green will reflect the colors of summer while representing the bold, passionate relationship of the wedding couple.  The wedding can carry a particular color heavier than others, offering unlimited variations.  

 A fall wedding calls for all the beauty of the season.  The changing of color on the trees and the crisp cool air that arrives will be reflected in Pantone’s Gold Flake color theme.   

The deep gold color of fall mixed with brown undertones will warm any room.  Guests will take notice of the season throughout the wedding experience.  

The winter wedding color trend for 2023 is a beautifully soft and rich Mykonos Blue. The variation of blues, greens, and grays can perfectly match a non-traditional use of gold utensils, giving the couple an added unique twist.  

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