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February 16, 2023

Your Guide to Online Wedding Dresses: Shopping Your Dream Gown Online

Looking for a way to shop for wedding gowns online? It may be easier than you think. With so many health safety precautions in place, 45% of brides-to-be are abandoning the traditional meet-and-drink experience when it comes to finding the perfect gown.  Instead, shopping online for a wedding dress has gained huge momentum–especially as online boutiques have advanced to make it that much easier  to find that perfect dress.  

When you shop online, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider range of available selections,  and compare costs across vendors. Online stores also give you the freedom to shop freely without the pressure of a sales associate or stress from the onlooking guests–giving you a stress free dress-buying experience.  

Read on to learn more about top steps to take when buying your wedding dress online–ensuring that you walk away with the best possible experience. 

Step 1:  Define what you want before you begin your search

I know–the choices seem endless when choosing a wedding gown online.  There are hundreds of photos and stores to choose from, and even more options for colors, decor, and other personalization. The most important thing to remember is not to rush the creative process. Try to come prepared with a vision of what you want prior to searching to work more efficiently–looking at dresses that match your overall design preferences and aesthetic. 

Be confident and know that you’ll be absolutely radiant, no matter what dress you choose! No one knows you like you do, so take all the time that you need to plan out your perfect wedding-day vision the way that you want to see it. I recommend combing through bridal magazines and other print resources, as well as sites such as Pinterest and WeddingWire for inspiration. 

Plus, you can use sites such as Pinterest to save all of your design ideas–connecting you to your wedding vision in just a few convenient clicks. This can be especially useful to have open in another tab as you comb through your options at your favorite online wedding boutique. 

Step 2:  Scroll your socials 

There are many different ways you can search and find your perfect wedding dress online.  Beyond Google searches and online bridal boutiques, I always suggest using social media as a secondary tool.   Sometimes scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to find the particular style of dress you’re interested in can make the difference in your dress-buying experience.  You’ll be able to gain a different perspective from customer photos or snaps of the bride in the dress, and can read personal testimonies regarding online boutiques or dress makers. 

Plus, you can save on wedding dresses by cross referencing online bridal boutiques–offering you opportunities to pay an overall lesser price for discount wear or rental opportunities.   

Step 3: Confirm your sizing

Knowing your measurements before you buy can help you to get the best possible online wedding dress experience. 

Prior to shopping, consider measuring your bust, waist, and hips so you can correctly estimate your sizing. The bodice is the most fitted part of your gown in most cases, which is why these measurements are so important. 

Sizing options and determination may vary by store. Some online wedding boutiques will give you a photo and description of the designer who makes the dress, as well as the measurements of the model wearing it.  This will be helpful if your dress size and body type is similar to that which is featured in the photograph. 

However, if the size photographed is not mentioned, or you want to confirm where you are on a company’s specific sizing chart provided, a quick call or email to customer service with your measurements can help. Many services offer concierge assistance for fitting enquiries. This can be especially helpful if you fall in love with a dress created overseas, which may result in even more varied sizing and standards. 

Step 4:  Don’t get scammed

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to pay attention to the websites you are visiting. Unfortunately, fraud is rampant in online sales, especially for big occasions such as weddings or celebrations. 

Here’s a few tips I give my brides to help keep them safe when dress shopping online. 

  • Consider the URL and the overall look of the online store you’re on. Does it look authentic? This question alone can usually help you to determine if the shop you’re shopping with is safe to use.
  • Determine where the company is located. Is the information readily available to the public? Search for reviews to help you to determine if the shop is legit.
  • What do the wedding dress photos look like? Are they grainy or the description vague/incorrect? Answering these questions can often help you to steer away from fraudulent websites. 

Remember: You’re your best advocate!  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Trust your gut.   

Before you hand over your credit card, make sure the return policies, shipping costs and estimated delivery dates are readily available, clear, and reasonable.  

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